The simplest way to alert your users to local emergencies.

Copy and paste the above code directly below the opening <body> tag on every page of your site. Whenever a user visits your site, the script will load, geolocate the user and alert them if there are any emergencies like tornadoes or flash floods in their city. It is completely ad free and links to weather.gov for more information on the emergency. HTTPS Friendly: We now support secure sites too!
Privacy Policy: We don't sell the data we collect. The only data we collect is through basic Apache logs but we purge that regularly. We may keep track of which sites have installed the service to test if there are any issues with the integration (ie: make sure our Javascript isn't screwing up people's sites). That's about it!

Thanks to the technology providers who are helping with this project: memsql, digital element, and the good old fashioned LAMP stack.